About me

Getting to know each other.


Hello, my name is Rubens Franco and I'm a self-taught portuguese web designer & developer specialized in simple functional responsive websites. I'm co-founder of a tiny multi-disciplinary design studio and a digital publisher based in Lisbon.

I've started my carrer as a designer and artist after studing fine arts at the university until I got fed up with knocking art gallery's doors and turned on my attention to the web. I found a liberating experience in designing for screens and since then I've never looked back again. I love clean design baked up in consistent typography and responsiveness. Besides of working as a web designer and developer I also do ebook design, illustration and I'm a full time dad, which makes me a true renaissance man. I have a unconditional passion for typography, painting, jazz music and mousse au chocolat.


I invite you to take a look at some of my projects and if you fancy them you can hire me or tell me all about your new project by email. You can also catch me on twitter and watch me shooting on dribbble , and no, I don't have a facebook account.