DevOps | Systems Engineer

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My name is Rubens Franco and I'm a portuguese DevOps / Systems Engineer based in Valencia, Spain.

I'm experienced in working with development pipelines, public couds like AWS or Azure, and several automation and configuration management tools mostly in web platforms.
I fully understand the melding of operations and development to quickly deliver code to customers, and the needs for Continuous Integration and Deployment.

I'm a GNU/Linux lover and a Internet Privacy defender against global mass surveillance. I firmly believe in Freedom and Open Source Software 🌱.

I currently work as Systems Engineering Team Lead at World Mobile Group and I'm also co-founder of a tiny digital publisher.

I invite you to check my Linkedin profile for a closer look into my professional path and contact me from there if you wish so. You can also see my code on GitHub.

GPG Public Key: 6EBE 92F3 4A11 BA87 A860 8A69 0863 1B28 21E2 B754